How much do you typically spend on vacations?

I go on 1-2 international vacations a year for 1-2 weeks each. Depending on what country I go to they range from 1-7k $ per person traveling. This is from Canada. Driving into the US and going anywhere are the cheap ones around ~1k. Next up is places in Asia like Indonesia and Vietnam. Those are around 2-3k including airfare. I have a document full of my favorite places/activities in Indonesia (bali) if anyone is interested in a PM. My more expensive ones are countries in South America and Japan. Those were 6-7k. I imagine Europe to be similar but it's been 10 years since I traveled through those countries and I think prices have gone up.

These prices are based on my style of travel which is adventurous and cultural based. My itineraries are filled with rock climbing, scuba diving, treks and hikes, and staying in smaller hotels. I avoid resorts, do not drink alcohol, seek out area specific food dishes, and try to find places where someone will show me or let me experience their customs. Even if I really love a place, I have a personal rule that I don't revisit any time soon because then I wouldn't have time to see other places. I would love to resit nearly every place I've been so far.

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