How would the world today differ if 9/11 never happened?

I dont really buy that though, its too speculative. Saying they got involved in all of them is very broad as some America has barely touched at all. Others are specifically related to after 9/11 (rightly or wrongly).

And a lot of this America doesnt want. They didnt want to go into Libya at all, they only did it because France went in and it would be better than watching from the sidelines. France went in after embarrassing itself in its former colony Algeria and seeking to prove itself in Libya. One US diplomat famously referring to it as “France’s shitty little war”.

Plus, after America went in during the early 2000s they kinda get stuck in there. Leaving a country should not be done callously as you could cause serious anarchy. You could hate the wars but still disagree with getting out.

Plus, everyone shouts at america when they get involved but if they dont get involved they get shouted at too (Rwanda for example). Let’s not forget the successes (Yugoslavia).

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