IAmA 37 year old male, unemployed, no car, $9 to my name, living with my parents, haven't gotten laid in over 7 years, and trying to get my life back on track. AMA!

Okay, first of all, thank you so much for this feedback. Everything I know about photography is from doing my best to learn things online and trying to sort the good advice from the bad. I don't know any other photographers at all who I can get advice from.

Right now I have a Samsung NX2000 with the 20-50mm kit lens. The lens options are pretty limited for it. As far as I can tell, they don't even make a 50mm prime for it. They do make a 45mm 1.8 prime. Would that be just as good?

I know that a different camera isn't going to make me a better photographer. The main reason I want the Pentax is because of the rugged and weather proof build. I'd like to get into doing more outdoor photography and youth sports photography, particularly t-ball, baseball, and softball and I'd like to have a camera and lenses that I can keep shooting with and don't have to worry about protecting if it starts raining. I also like the fact that it shoots at 8.3 fps. So, those are the main reasons I want the Pentax.

My mindset with the fundraiser wasn't that I thought I absolutely couldn't do anything with what I have. It was more that if I was going to try and raise money for any new equipment, I might as well try for enough to get exactly what I want that will allow me to do any kind of shoot I want. Even if I keep my the NX2000, I would still need over $500 just for a telephoto lens and the 45mm prime.

The job I've turned down was shooting action shots for a youth baseball team because I don't have a telephoto lens.

I'll definitely check out the One Light and Model Mayhem, as well as keep learning as much as I can. I've already completed this course:


and I have watched a ton of videos on YouTube, so, I am trying to learn as much as I can, I promise.

Again, thanks for the feedback and I'd definitely take you up on that cup of coffee when you make it back to Huntsville.

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