I'd love a pirate game that's as good as Red Dead Redemption 2

Yeah, this is where I come off as a critical asshole and say those games you listed don't even hold a candle to RDR2 in terms of depth of storytelling, good characterization and just flat out interesting, unique stories. I really can't think of another company that begins to approach Rockstar in this category. Maybe parts of Witcher 3 and some Obsidian games, but that's just parts, and I would not rate those narratives or characters anywhere near RDR2.

RDR2 is an era defining game. It is the first and currently only game (THIS IS ALL MY OPINION) that has a narrative as good as a good book or a good movie, it is the first currently and only game that has characters as good as a good book or good movie, throughout, relentlessly, every character, every story, every little nip of dialogue, is good. No one else has done that. Old Obsidian guys (Planescape team, New Vegas team) and Michael Kirkbride's writings in Morrowind are the closest we have, and I still think they're far off.

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