If you have a problem hyper focusing, how do you deal with it?

I’m in my mid 30s. I get hyper focused on projects for myself and have a hard time thinking about anything else when I start. I get gratification from organizing a bag or a box. I have an electronics bag with things like small speakers, headphones, music equipment and a stylus. I made a cigar box into an impromptu game box with single player games like catan and kanoodle. I got obsessed with collecting minerals and building terrariums. While I am making these boxes it takes my full concentration no matter what else I am supposed to be doing. A lot of times I will recognize it happening and tell myself to focus on the task I am supposed to do, but will catch myself having fallen back into the distraction without even realizing it. I’m sorry to rant, It makes my day to day very difficult and puts a huge strain on my marriage.

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