I'm Basquiat: King of r/Stims, BOW DOWN BITCHES I wrote an announcement and you fuckers better read it fast

Fuckin Bukkake_dan will rip your ass off shithead cunt motherfuckin "part time meth-addict" learn to unlearn sleep emaciate yourself on ounces of methamphetamine and then come back and you'll still get your ass ground into sausage, but nobody gonna eat that shit becuz (1) it's your nasty ass fuckface and (2) aint nobody gonna eat nothin obviously you aint a real tweaka cuz a real tweaka be all up in here with some medicinal monoaminergic wisdom and amazing posts about cool shit we all can relate to and be fastinated by, but this bullshit. Yeah bitch y'aint nothin compared to this divine temple of knowledge, creativity, acceptance, and above all psychostimulation motherfucker. Think ya can start shit with Dan just cuz he gotta lay low and go slow fora bit? Well fuck you. Yo ass abouta be kicked by aproxmatly 4500 tweaked out moterfuckas looking to cut someones head off with a rusty ass dirty ass paira scissors. Aint nobody tell nobody what to do up in this joint cuz we just do shit and it always works out cuz fuckin smart shit goin on from methamhetamines and amphetamines and cocaines and mehtylphenidates and 12345-fma and fa and dank ass bud and probably fucktons of psychedelics too nigga

Anyways, I didn't actually read more than a few sentences of your post, but I noticed you were trying to be authoritative, and I don't like to be told what to do so I started typing some words and also some not-words. The point being, I may or may not mean all of whatever I just said, but seriously chill the fuck out because stimulants don't actually make people go into a mad violent rage like they do in the movies. We are really chill here, and we like to have fun.

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