I'm not sure what to do with this. I'm numb.

There's actually pretty much no reason to specify women here. I know it might be a while since you dated men but I have yet to have been cheated on by a woman!

? I am a man, I don't date men.

I have been cheated on by every woman I have ever dated. They all started off as virgins so there was no test that I could apply to them.

It's a bit like these people are... people. With complex, personal behavioral patterns that aren't really that affected by their gender!

Nonsense, I believe that stereotypes can have an impact on character assessment and all the statistics and metrics support my conclusion. This is liberal mumbo jumbo with no basis in reality. You can use statistics, such as white women being more likely to cheat on their husband then some Asian women. And white women hate that and want to make it seem like that is not true, but the fact is that it's completely true.

I am only here to talk about the facts. I am going to a country that doesn't even have divorce, in 5 days. There is no divorce there because it doesn't exist in the legal system. My hand has been forced in the matter because what I've seen here back in Canada, the prospect of marriage has become a nightmare here. I've already bought up the lies and been penalized for them. Women here are career driven and they don't care about marriage, so marriage oriented men should just go to the place where they statistically have a decent chance of keeping a woman for the long term. There is no need for a man to put his entire future and life in jeopardy.

So I'm sorry that you've had shitty experiences in the past but being bitter and sexist is more than likely to be its own self-fulfilling prophecy.

Add racist to that if you want to begin wildly throwing in labels instead of addressing the real issues that are at work here. I'm university educated, I can handle the critical discussion of certain issues without the use of simple and accusatory labels.

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