Inmates of reddit, What was the most messed up thing you witnessed?

Was in for 43 days. My stories arent as bad as the others here but:

Saw a guy square up with someone he screwed over in civilian life. The other guy was making "you're dead" gestures at him through the window before he was let into the holding room we were all waiting in before court. Once in he immediately tried to square up with the guy that I guess did him wrong. The other guy was so scared he literally shit himself.

In the drunk tank before even getting to jail, there was a really annoying drunk guy walking around threatening everyone. Some guy that was being transferred to another prison (was wearing a full orange outfit, unlike us in regular clothes) didn't put up with it. He asked him to go over to the pay phone. When the drunk guy did, prison dude laid him out with the biggest right hook I'd ever seen.

One more while actually in jail, a Norteño dude casually walked up to a Sureño, and pointed as his shoes. When he looked down, he received a pretty bad uppercut.

The worst thing I did was accidentally sit down at the "black" tv on my first free time. Thankfully I didn't get my shit kicked in after laughing when one of the dudes told me "you can't watch this tv" Another leaned over and said the "white guys tv is downstairs man." Apparently I also fucked up by offering a black dude some food after someone took his sandwhich from him.... again nothing resulted of it though.

Jail fucking sucks.

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