I've tried it as hard as i could...for hours...please someone

cant say that you have to buy an account from newgameway ill pm you. technically you buy an account from newgameway for $10 if you don't have a KSSN(korean social security number), after you pay they usually send you account info pretty quick. now to download the game and have no issues follow this. step 1) download client(this is the latest version) -https://mega.co.nz/#!9tU0Dbxb!34bUo42TIk2Pw67F5FWXROPYSjfCjKQ5XIX3k0KtsrU step 2) download installer - http://install.black.gdn.gamecdn.net/gdn/daum_black/live/Game/BlackDesert/Install/BlackDesert_Setup.exe once you finish downloading both, follow these steps EXACTLY IN ORDER. install the black desert_setup.exe from step 2(install anywhere you want). 2.after you install it, it will ask you to make a "temporary" folder to download the whole game, just click accept(its in korean in the middle of the window it pops) and click ok and then CLOSE the launcher it opens, close it right away.

3.delete EVERYTHING inside the black desert folder you installed the downloader on, everything. leave the actual black desert folder, but delete everything inside of it. copy and paste everything you downloaded from the torrent and put it inside the black desert folder.

4.go to the black desert folder, right click it, go to properties, and UNCHECK "read only" then apply and OK. that should be done with the actual game instalation. 5.FOR EVERYTHING YOU HOLD DEAR. NEVER open the game through ANY of the launchers in the folder, NEVER. go to http://black.game.daum.net/black/index.daum to open the game. 6. there you will need to download the browser plugin for the game, once u try to start the game the browser will ask you to download the pluggin, ALLOW POP UPS in your browser before trying to open the game btw. 7.after you install the pluggin. go to start menu-> on the search bar write "regedit" and press enter->click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SOFTWARE->Wow6432Node->Daum Games and on the right there will be a registry named "version"..its probably 1,0,0,1...right click it, click modify and change it to 1,0,0,4..change the last number to a 4. then you should be set to go. you going to have to accept all the terms of service and stuff to actually log in the account you buy, but the email they send you with the account info, they also send instructions on where to put what. if you need any extra help installing, you can PM me AFTER buying the account and downloading the 2 stuff i told you to download, then if you want, i can just team viewer and install everything for you.

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