Autistic Target Employee paraded around store in "Walk of Shame" Commits suicide

Its not fair for me to pretend I shop perfectly... a lot of places have similar practices and while it was the worst job Ive ever had, I havent worked everywhere Earth. I have, however, worked in call centers which are notorious for being miserable workin environments. I just try to shop carefully and not be taken advantage of. I feel very strongly that target took advantage of both its employees and its customers. Things like selling a Merona dress that cost 6 cents to make for 40$, then marking it down to 30 dollars and people still thinking they got a good deal. Thats a ubiqutous issue in retail though, not just at target. The most important thing about Target specifically is that its Walmart in a different color and people seem to have been completely duped out of realizing that due solely to marketing. Target hasnt expanded as thoroughly as Walmart and hasnt gotten as much heat for shutting down main streets and smakl business, becuase they tend to only set up in businer areas. This isnt because they care, its because they make more money that way. They also take a firmly right leaning stance and donate money to campaigns many young people would find abhorant and we watched videos discouraging union activity. It was by far the most creepy place Ive worked in how they made us recite 'cheers' before our shifts, insisted that we try to get that 'extra item' in customers' baskets, and constantly hounded us via walkie talkie throughout our shift. Ive seen former Target employees refer to their experience with terms like PTSD for Post Target Stress Disorder. It totally changed how I am in work environments. Im a paranoid mess who pees while expecting my managers voice to come on the walkie and ask where I am.

Sorry to rant. Its infuriating how good their image manages to be, but I guess its not surprising. They have smart campaigns and their downtown locations are a smart move. Things like SNL's character "The Target lady', etc... theyre everywhere and people fall for it. Walmart hasnt been trying near as hard.

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