Javakhk: Armenian Homeland Under Siege

I haven't seen even a single Georgian that hates Abkhazians. Nearly all of them blame Russians.

Really, not a single one ? Have you been to parts of Georgia other than Abkhazia ?

Certainly we hate Russians as well, but it's not like we're all hunky dory with y'all.

Moreover, the example I gave is quite different that the parallelization you are mentioning with this counter question

You mentioned Turkish ethnic cleansing against Armenians, I mentiones [Abkhazian ethnic cleansing against Georgians](Ethnic_cleansing_of_Georgians_in_Abkhazia). If you don't consider what Abkhazians did in the 90's to be ethnic cleansing, I'm open to hearing a counterargument (not a justification).

---They did not have a disproportionate power during Soviets. [...] Secondly, the area is called "Abkhazia" and even if they are a minority, they are to be represented more than their population.

So, they did have disproportionate power by your admission. Justification does not change that fact.

First of all, even in Sukhum each street had at most 2-3 Abkhaz families. They were forced to live in rural areas.

Idk enough about it to be sure. Unverifies stories from people who fought a war against Georgians don't seem like impartial reliable sources. I've heard a Sokhumi-born man claim that the Abkhaz committes cannibalism against slain Georgians, I don't believe it for a minute either.

Third, they have always been the dominant group for centuries, until they were mass exiled.

By whom ? Russians.

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