North Korea appears to have fired another missile: Reuters, citing Japanese media

Wow you're easily the stupidest person I've interacted with today congrats.

Damn, what am I going to do now? Fuck you got me hard.

You're actually trying to defend North Korea, NORTH KOREA for wanting nukes.

Not defending them or their actions, but they are definitely doing what any nation that wants to survive would be doing.

It's so stupid to rationalize that we shouldn't remove a dictator from power because our government has done stupid shit in the past.

Who appointed America as the world police again? Since when has it been our responsibility to go around killing innocent civilians again and toppling evil governments, and then leaving them to go fuck themselves?

Especially a dictator that wants NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

Who's going to topple the USA, then? We are essentially a false democracy anyways. Half of Americans don't even bother to vote, and then of the ones that do, the candidate with less votes wins.

Which he has made clear he would like to use.

So has literally every other nation that has nukes. "Look, we got nukes, we will use these if you attack us!" is something that literally every nation that has nukes says.

Stop hiding behind buzzwords like "privilege"

? Everything you don't like is a buzzword? You have a sense of self entitlement, as if every non-USA country is a puppet with which the USA has every right to control.

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