I know junglers really are not having fun. But us toplaners from what I have seen are actually having fun in the game now.

The scuttle has more EXP then a jungle camp now, so if you get both of them you basically have an automatic level and a half lead over you're counter-part, in which if the leading Jungler is competent, there is literally nothing you can do if he's playing a good duelist Jungler. Because if he wants to, he will stroll in to your jungle and either fight you (in which he will always win due to the level advantage at such an early point in the game), or he will set you even further behind by taking a camp or 2 away because you obviously can't walk up to him or he will kill you. I hope you have a good time with this game, but currently it is an absolute mess. I would wait for a patch or 2 until Riot fixes this before you jump in to ranked.

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