Just bought a house and this is my neighbors vicious pit bull... Why people will own these overly aggressive dogs is beyond me

No idea if any of this was said before but i'm not reading all the comments so whatever. 99% of the dogs that are labeled 'pit bulls' in today's day and age are not real pit bulls. Most people have no idea what a real pit bull looks like. Pit bull has become a generic look for a dog, not a breed. The broad head, wide muzzle, muscular frame, etc etc. True American Pit Bull Terriers are not human aggressive... if bred right. Think about it: back in the day when you had pit fights, there were multiple people in the pit handling and touching the dogs in the heat of the fight. Any dog who bit a human would be culled and not used in future breeding. The APBT is a gentle and people-loving animal, but its important to remember what it is. German Shepherd dogs were bred for sheep herding, and they will herd. They don't ned to be trained to. Dobermanns were protection dogs, they'll protect. Terriers will rat. Pit Bulls will fight other dogs. It's in the blood. Certainly some are fine with other dogs, but genetics is genetics. The problem stems from every other dog we call a 'pit bull'. Commonly bull breeds mixes (bulldogs, boxers, american bullies, staffordshire terriers, mastiffs for size and bulk, etc). Dogs bred poorly for a quick buck because they're the 'in' breed or as fighting dogs. Ignorant dog fighters think breeding the most aggressive dogs they can find together breeds a better fighting dog, but it just creates a monster. To an extent, it's not the dog it's the owner rings true. If you breed poorly treated dogs with poor tempers for the wrong reasons you're going to get a beast that gets passed on to the unknowing kind-hearted rescuer who can't handle the animal. It's almost important to remember though: there are bad dogs like there are bad people. Sometimes something in the brain is just wired wrong. There are violent, aggressive, mean dogs out there in the world that no amount of training can fix and it's important to remember that sometimes it's just a bad dog. We can admit people are bad, so why are we so protective of dogs? "My little baby can't do any wrong!" I'm a dog lover. I love dogs more than any other animal, I've kept dogs, I train dogs. I just hate the irrational ignorance people have about them. All that being said, I'm going to bet 99% of 'pit bull' attacks aren't by true APBT.

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