I was just given the best compliment I’ve gotten in a long time. What’s your best recent compliment?

Was a while ago, but I was casheering for work and worked most of the same night times every week. There were the results that would come around after work late and just get a couple different things for meals. Anyway there was one guy who I never really talked to much because I didn't really feel that he wanted to. But he was always super nice. He'd always say hi ask how I was doing, thank me for everything, there wasn't a first name basis type deal, but he always inquired about how I was. And I'd try to return every favor and what he said. But one night I had forgotten my name badge at home and we didn't have any extra, so I didn't wear one. So he comes in and says Hi, mrmaniacman, how are you doing tonight. Just the fact that he had remembered and knew my name and saying it genuinely was so awesome to me especially when casheering can be hell. Legitimately took my breath away. Cool guy.

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