Republican women defend Kavanaugh: "What boy hasn’t done this in high school?"

Since we're all pointing out ourselves as non-rapists in here, I may as well tell a little tale here about an incident about which I still feel a twinge of regret.

When I was in my last four years of basic schooling (fourteen to eighteen), I was a nervous wreck of a person. I would generally stand in the corner in the morning, waiting for classes, with my MP3 player blasting at a high level to try drowning out the buzzing of all the people there.

One girl I knew throughout that time... not good friends, but hung out a bit at school... was being a bit too energetic, which was flaring up my anxiety a bit. I did the only thing I thought of at the time: I put my hand on her shoulder and made a movement signifying to maybe calm down a little. She didn't say anything to me, so I figured it was all right with her, and we started talking as we usually would. Later on that year, she told her boyfriend, someone else I'd known for a while, that she thought I was "making a move on her." My indignant and not-fully-formed self fumed and I told him that if I was trying to "make a move on her," it'd have been more than one single isolated incident in three years. Furthermore, not too long before this incident, she asked me if I was gay, so that disconnect further flared my indignation. She moved away a few months later, before my slightly-more-mature senior-self could ever apologise for the incident. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, supposedly went to a mental health clinic for a while after having raped one of his classmates.

To end this, I'll say that I truly dislike being touched in general; and I avoid touching anyone else, even if just an accidental brush, mainly because I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable because of me... because I, myself, am generally uncomfortable. It all goes back to what I learned when I was younger: treat others as you expect to be treated. Personally, the person I was at the time (and still to an extent am) was an extreme case and that most would understand an accidental touch and forgive, but I'm still very cautious about my interaction.

So, no, I've not raped, sexually harassed, or intentionally touched another person during that time nor any time thenceforth.

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