Kamala Harris' Roe v. Wade post draws Tennessee governor’s response: ‘Abortion isn’t healthcare’

No, I strongly disagree with that. Why should I mention there's a case where the mother's life is in danger AFTER you literally called for the blanket execution of anybody who have conducted abortions or allowed one to be performed on them? You stated an extremist opinion, so I took it as such. You cannot blame me for not thinking you might possibly have a slightly rational thought behind it and would later clarify your position after you failed to mention there might be circumstances that you'd graciously allow someone to not be tried as a murderer for.

YOU'RE the one who should have clarified that in their initial post. Not somebody else who comes along and reads your post later and reacts instantly because of a very emotional situation.

Even if I had included the caveat of "except for this circumstance which almost all people who call themselves Christians agree upon" would your reaction have been any different? I don't think it would have been. You would have continued to insult and curse because you have an anecdote that fits the nughtmare scenario, and it is a nightmare that the mother can not conceive children and had to choose her life over dying and the child dying, which is the caveat a compromise and discussion brings forth.

You don't know a single thing about me, so you cannot state that you know what my reaction would've been. Indeed, if you'd seen my EXACT comments elsewhere in this thread, done as a reply to other people who DID clarify that they were against it but would be okay with it if it saved the mother's life, I agreed with them and thanked them for your reply...so your grandiose assumption was completely wrong there as well. Check my post history, there's at least 2 people I asked for their opinions on the situation and got that as a reply. Your asinine claim that I would have "continued to insult and curse because you have an anecdote that fights the nugtmare<sic> scenario" is so far out of my personal experience that it's laughable that you instantly make that assumption of anybody. You're just LOOKING for an argument after being told to F off. I partly can't blame you for that, but I can blame you for not seeing that somebody would take my position after reading what was in your post.

You're the only one in here advocating for anybody involved to be executed, so I responded accordingly. If you didn't want someone to react that way, maybe don't post such a hardcore thought in the first place? I have absolutely no reason to be compassionate to somebody who is calling for the execution of my sister, so I was hostile to you after I read what you posted. You cannot blame me for believing you said as such, when you didn't even remotely hint that there might be a case where you wouldn't gleefully sit back and condemn her for what she did.

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