I have a Kangal/Boerboel mix. 165#'s. He could fight off a wolf. He's 9 right now and is the bestest

I had a Boerboel.

Let me tell you.

She was the dumbest, biggest fucking chicken shit dog I've ever known.

She was afraid of walking past a gazeebo for months. Afraid of walking under it for like a year. Barked heavily at the door and jumped up at it when someone knocked or used the doorbell, but once they walled in, she'd run away to the other end of the room. (This I'm quite thankful for because she never was in any danger of attacking someone.) I once startled her and she ran away with bits of pee coming out. We put a treat at the bottom of a dust bin and she moaned and groaned because she couldn't get it and didn't have the guts to pick up and turn over the dust bin to get it. (She did figure that out after a couple days doing it.) As I recall, she was afraid to go out the door from her first snowfalls.

But she was the most lovable dog I've ever known, a puppy through all her years. She was the absolute best and I miss her.

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