Kanye West announces presidential bid

Trump has been in the public eye forever. The fact that he was well known is exactly why he beat a dozen other better qualified republicans. That wasn’t my point though. My point is that YOU clearly don’t know Biden, aside from seeing him stand behind Obama for 8 years.

Your entire argument is based on the assumption that I “love” Trump and that isn’t true. I’m not here to defend Trump, I’m just here to say that all the things you’re accusing Trump of, Biden has done too. The difference is Biden has been in politics whereas Trump has been a TV personality where ratings are the goal.

Trump is an ass but he isn’t racist. He dated a black woman. The First Lady barely speaks English. Saying that "the Chinese virus" is racist only demonstrated a lack of understanding of what racism is. It’s low hanging fruit for people with a bone to pick. I know there are other examples you’ll throw at me of racist things he’s said and done and I’ll be happy to address those for you if you’re not capable of thinking for yourself.

Back in 07 I voted for Obama. It was the first time I had ever even heard of Biden, but I knew Trump well. I think he was still a democrat at that time. There was virtually zero chance of Obama dying in office. He was young and healthy - the healthiest president in recent memory.

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