Katie Stubblefield lost her face when she was 18 years old. When surgeons gave her a new one three years later in 2017, she became the 40th known face transplant in the world.

I do feel sympathetic for her but sympathy has nothing to do with it, we're talking about tangible and physical matters that are the time of those involved in her transplant, their collective knowledge, the skin itself, and of course the cost. All of these resources went to a fix a self-inflicted damage. If someone had kidney failure from a suicide attempt you wouldn't give him/her a donor kidney, you should give it to the thousands of people with legitimate illnesses who need that kidney. So out of principle, my opinion people who intentionally damage a part of their body shouldn't receive a replacement for that part. With that said, I don't think it was a total loss since a proper recipient for such organ is probably hard to come by and doing his surgery is better for medicine than not doing it at all. All I am saying for this case at least, lets not forget she did this to her self, she wasn't attacked by a criminal, caught a rare disease, nor was she doing something heroic when she received her injury, she's an adult who shot herself because she broke up with her boyfriend.

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