Kid Headbutts Lady at Food4Less Parking Lot

I was going to post this in the Palestine/Israel conflict thread but it got locked so I'm posting it here for you instead because I genuinely think you need to hear it.

You love talking about free speech and how comedy is dying because nobody is allowed to make jokes anymore and you certainly do make jokes at the expense of several groups. Here you are making the same tired joke about trans/non binary people that all conservative Gen Xers make because none of you can think of an original take. Here you are making the same exact joke again because, again, you aren't clever enough to come up with your own jokes.

So, you're an anti censorship conservative who thinks everyone should be able to make whatever jokes they want, right?

Here you are making a disgusting comment about a plus size model whom I'm sure wouldn't touch you with a 10 foot bargepole despite your joke about 'moving her floppy gunt aside so you can go in'. Interestingly enough though, when someone posts a picture of a heavyset man in a cringe subreddit and calling him fat, you suddenly don't think fat jokes are funny anymore. Weird. Your comment was far more judgemental than the language of the post you got so offended about.

Here you are in another thread crying ageism because people were put off by a relationship between a 65 year old man and his teenaged sugar baby. Again, weird double standard for a free speech spouting fella who loves his jokes about women and gender non conforming people, right?! As a fun little bonus, here you are bragging about your 'big freckled dick'.

So, what have we learned from these comments? You're a hypocrite who loves to talk about free speech and comedy but who turns into a snivelling little child when someone insults a group he is a part of. It's fine to say disgusting things about women, trans people, or muslims people because you don't belong to those groups. If someone criticises your religion, your sex, or your age group however, suddenly they're all racist idiots and comedy has its limits.

You're a middle aged Zionist with such a complete lack of empathy that you can only relate to people exactly like you. Anyone else is fair game for mockery and scorn. You're an intellectual coward and a deeply pathetic man.

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