King of the nice guys "Joseph8276" rants on relationships and girls.

Okay, so I'm a decent looking girl, and although I'm not so sure about my personality, I'm trying to be a better person, so it seems that maybe I'm the kind of girl you're looking for.Wanna know what I think? I'll tell you anyway.

"Girls are pickier than guys. The only thing that I'm picky on is the type of girl I want. Which is a hot, sexy girl (...)The thing is that those types of girls that I want, they lack things that I want them to have, like a great personality.

I mean, I don't just want a smoking hot body, not a model body, not a skinny body, but a smoking hot one. I like the hotties. I like the hot girls, you know what I mean... But they lack personality.

They should know better than to go out with bad guys, they should know better to go out with good guys"

I'm also picky about a type of guy I want to date. I want a smoking hot guy with a great personality. That means I'm not gonna go out with you anytime soon.

"You girls might think that guys like me are too nice. But to me, there's no such thing as too nice. No such thing at all"

There's such thing as too nice, it's called codependency. There is also such things as being too fat. Or being too entitled. Or being too mysoginistic. Or being too immature. Also complete lack of self awareness isn't that attractive. Dude being "nice" (in quotes because you don't come across as nice) is not the main reason why you can't get a girl.

"It's not my fault in any way that I like hot girls. And I mean hot ones. Not BBWs, not below average, the above average girls. Above average... You know what I mean. I know that I'm picky on that one thing, but that's not all I want."

And it's not my fault in any way that I like hot guys. And I mean hot ones. Tall, with a six pack, biceps about to tear their sleeves, wide shoulders, etc. You know what I mean. Again that means I'm not going to go out with you.

"I mean, I really deserve a girlfriend, after all these years, and I have never had one (...). Please stop going out with those bad guys. Go out with me".

Um, I thought we've already established that I like smoking hot guys with great personality, so no thanks.

"It doesn't matter if they're fat, it doesn't matter if they're average, girls, you've got to realize this, I may be picky, on that one things, but you're way too picky, you just want a guy with the abs and bad personality"

It absolutely does matter if he's fat, I said that I like smoking hot guys, not obese ones like yourself, I'm just not attracted to guys with your body type.

You want a smoking hot girl, and you're "only picky on this one thing", but if I want a guy with abs I'm "way too picky"?

Also since when abs mean bad personality I thought it meant low bodyfat percentage?

"I don't want any of you hot girls to go out with the bad guys."

And you don't give a shit about girls who are not hot, correct?

I'm telling you these things that you lack and you must have. You need to have a sweet personality, you should be nice to nice guys. (...) I really deserve a hot girlfriend, I really do. But you have to make up for the fact that you're lacking things."

So a woman must have smoking hot body and a great (or sweet?) personality for you to consider her, but my question is why would that woman even look at you?

And I'm not gonna comment on the part where you tell women what they "should" do, I mean are we in Saudi Arabia or what?

I think this is what it all boils down to. They think about all the things that they want in their Dream Girl, but they never ask themselves, if that Dream Girl would run into them tomorrow, would she see them as her Mr Right?

Also, Nice Guys who only want smoking hot girls are being reasonable, meanwhile girls who only want smoking hot guys are being shallow bitches.

I'm all for people being picky, and I don't consider wanting to have a good looking bf/gf shallow (though if it's your only criteria then yeah that's worrying), and I really do like hot guys with six pack abs massive biceps and wide shoulders.

But fat-asses like him going on and on about "smoking hot girls, and I mean hot, not avega, hot" girls, and how they deserve a "smoking hot girlfriend" infuriate me.

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