/r/stopdrinking report: Sunday, January 18, 2015 - Saturday, January 24, 2015

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145 blindasfuck 365 sober days
143 rootsradicals26 Today makes one year sober
140 gardenofthoughts I got married :) and my wedding was dry!
136 iceman77 My dad passed away this morning
109 coolcrosby [The Least Popular Advice
106 Super_Kapowzler 60 Days, I'm 47. Longest stretch since I was 19.
84 Tiredofit7 I'm not drinking today.
77 not_a_morning_person Had my first real sober night out with friends last night. Didn't touch any alcohol. Met a really nice girl who joined me on soft drinks. In the past I would have focussed on where the next drink was coming from and missed out on meeting her. I had a really good evening and wanted you to know. :)
74 cake_or_radish Half a year, half a year, half a year onward!
68 borez This morning I watched an alcoholic throwing up in a bin.
67 throwaway_inva Seizure from withdraws...happened to me 2 weeks ago...
67 coolcrosby Time to move the feet!
61 MossBoss I have to remind myself it took more than 15 years to learn to live with alcohol. It's gonna take longer than 6 months to learn to live without.
59 liberationplease Three years
54 sobrietyscientist Today, I finally join you amazing people.
52 vinylsquares 60 beautiful days.
49 Lucid_Existence After decade of binge drinking the party is over
49 Scotchrogers I can't wait for the morning.
48 rubbyrobbins Used to post to this sub. then /r/cripplingalcoholism. first day being back
48 juicy_cherry I told my doctor the truth today.
47 Sly_Wood I had to fire someone today.
47 KetoJam Every single one of you inspires me.
45 stankpants Tired of situations that mean nothing to me
44 DavesNotThere Symptoms of Alcoholism
43 matteroflife 29th DAY - Holy shirt. Longest time I've been sober since I was 13-14 years old.
42 Suhbry-yeti I won concert tickets over the radio today. 5 minutes later, I rear-ended someone.
41 self_saucing Congratulations new centurions /r/ar-pe-em, /r/soufflee, /r/maple_maureen, /r/Birdwoman2014, /r/SlowAnimalsRun, and Sly_Wood! Hold the door open for /r/DatGuy-x- he's almost here too!
39 iceman77 If I can get through everything, so can you :)
39 DrunkWooky Well, Call Me Roman, Because Today I'm a Centurion!
38 vusumimake death of a brother (update)
37 vusumimake Worst moment of my life, just trying to take advantage of it.
37 56hope_road An email I sent to my wife on day 41
37 facadesintheday You are now in a new era!
33 HuffmanSULM Lesson learned. Resetting my badge after 3 months.
32 litgeek70 Today is what really matters.
32 KetoJam Friday's Quote
31 jenna2745 Is that a 2 at sidled of my name...
30 dmbmama Connection with other people
30 over-my-head Had a drink yesterday. Deleting my badge (day 14) after this post. (Major trigger warning: discussing non-abstinence)
30 King_Friday_XIII I am powerful. Alcohol is powerless.


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