Labour’s institutional racism must be tackled before it destroys the party. Jeremy Corbyn and his allies have failed to learn the lessons from history on the left and anti-Semitism.

And if you blamed the capitalists it was all too easy to point to rich Jews running banks or financial institutions, particularly in London or New York and say, “The Jews control the world”.

Like, when the fuck has Corbyn ever said that? It's such spurious logic to try and convict him of personal antisemitism and the entire party of being a KKK-level organisation.

It is no accident that once nationalism was linked up with anti-capitalist socialism, anti-Semitism was only a few small steps away. Hitler’s party was the National Socialist Party.

The NSDAP murdered socialists since before they came into power, and turned their back on all socialist rhetoric when they got into power and supported big industrialists all the way. Their name was a ruse to win broad support and this was widely commented upon by commentators of the time. Incredibly ignorant here.

The current Marxist leadership of the Labour Party ignore this history

Why should Marxists not be in the Labour party? Marxism is important and influential. It's nothing like Leninism or Stalinism.

and go on to aggravate the problem by suggesting that council leaders be elected by party members and that MPs should face deselection if they don’t sufficiently follow party policy.

What is wrong with representatives of a party being representative of the party?

You don’t have to be a historian of communist Russia to know why this goes so badly wrong. If MPs and councillors become delegates, rather than representatives, then control lies with a minority group within the party. Delegates have to obey orders and lose the all-important role of using their judgement on behalf of all their constituents and answering to them in a public election – not simply to a select few who inevitably fall under the control of a dictatorial central group.

It was even more dictatorial under the old system though!! It was literally a committee flying in candidates to stand for election. And the MPs still have to be elected by the constituency.

Other are joining because they see, as in the 1930s, a party that is becoming anti-Semitic.


there is, and always has been in my view, a serious confusion in the minds of Corbyn and Milne between Zionism, Israel and Jews. Not all Jews are Zionists and not all Israelis are Jewish (some 20 per cent are Arab) and, very obviously, not all Jews are Israelis.

When have they not distinguished between those groups? That's what they are precisely doing when they talk about Israel and Zionism. It's the Corbyn haters accusing him of meaning all Jews when he talks about Zionism!

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