Ladies, how often do you catch men checking you out, and how does it make you feel - annoyed, flattered, etc?

You mean if I didn't exist I wouldn't exist? Dude, if I didn't exist, there would be no I, no me, to even notice, and no one else would notice either. Just like you don't notice that your 31st brother (probably) doesn't exist. Dude, not everyone has partners (not that having a partner is even necessary to have kids, and claiming it is just doesn't make it so) and not everyone, even those with partners, have or even want kids anyway. Oh, and hey, some people are even GAY! Your "argument," if you can even be called that, is completely meaningless. Just because I exist does NOT mean it's everyone's goal to have a partner.

Did you just say that considering who person is as more than just her looks is not respect? Seriously?

What's the point of making that creepy comment about wanting to date me? Do you think saying that is some kind of power play or do you honestly believe I'd consider that a compliment, even after stating that women don't exist for men? And you know, I'm really not interested in getting into a personal insult war or anything, so I normally would't outright say that I'd never even consider dating someone here but, well, you're the one who brought it up. I guess my previous statement that I'd much rather be single than settle for someone who does not respect women wasn't enough of a hint. Just look at your behavior in this thread here. You can't possibly think that's attractive, right? Frankly, I find it repulsive. When it comes to dating, you're pretty-much exactly who I'm trying to avoid.

No one said that physical attraction plays no part in relationships. We aren't even talking about relationships at all. That wasn't the question. I'm saying that's neither the same thing as nor an excuse for objectifying anyone, and "checking out" someone is just objectification and doesn't even have anything to do with relationships. I wouldn't want to meet you, let alone date you, let alone have sex with you, and the problem wouldn't even be your looks.

By the way, AS a soldier, I know you're full of shit.

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