The Law Alone Can’t Halt the Christian Right’s Crusade Against Abortion and LGBTQ Rights

We aren’t aiming for children you homophobic POS. It just happens that kids are queer. My best friend in elementary school was trans from the moment I met him, even though we didn’t know that. In second grade he excitedly told me about gender reassignment surgery, which of course he had to find out about himself. I was bi and trans, even though I didn’t know what those meant. And I fucking hated myself for having a crush on that boy at soccer camp, cause my frame of reference for that was “ew gay” even though I had great, supportive parents.

I kissed a girl at 6, we had such a crush on each other. Had a crush on a boy at 12? Probably earlier but I didn’t understand it. I was a little too loyal to one friend in preschool but I thought that was just being a good friend ya know? Around 8 I was questioning my gender. Stand in front of the mirror and wonder if I’d make a pretty girl. The answer was always no, obviously. But that didn’t stop me from trying to find the angle where I could maybe convince myself the answer was yes. And no one talked to me about this shit. It would have saved me so much pain if I knew this was normal.

So sincerely, fuck you. Having these discussions with kids is necessary. It is fucking suicide prevention. Comparing queer people to pedophiles just for existing is some evil, nazi level shit.

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