Lawyers of Reddit, what’s the worst way you’ve seen a person screw over someone else in court whether it be criminal, civil, or divorce proceedings?

Not a lawyer, but I do work for them. Bitter custody dispute, wife got a protective order against the husband while the divorce was going on. He wasn't allowed near her, the grandparents shuttled the kid back and forth between them. One night the kid gets dropped off with dad, with instructions that he has a basketball game at the school and dad has to take him, cool. They get there, dad gets settled into the stands...turns out mom orchestrated this, because surprise, she's a volunteer coach at the game that night (when she had never done that before). She makes a big show of him being there, freaks out, tries to have a cop at the game arrest him.

Texts ended up surfacing and becoming evidence in the custody trial that she had set him up on purpose so she could get him in trouble and get full custody. The judge was not pleased.

If you're going through a legal dispute like this, don't be dumb. Everything you text, e-mail, post on social media, etc, can be dragged into the legal proceedings and then people like me have to read through them and process them for court, and we laugh at how dumb you are.

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