Looking to emigrate in the future. any advice?

I’m not going to question your motives. But you’ll likely have to get a scholarship from our government (with a bond) or a loan. Few overseas universities will fund foreigners as most of them are reserved for their own youths. There are exceptions for astounding individuals (Olympic medalists, Olympiad champions, famous tv personalities), but the hard truth is that if you’re ordinary and don’t add real value (monetary or promotion) to the uni, it’s unlikely their “charity” will be extended to you. With the scholarship and bond, you will be shipped back first thing after u graduate and lose the golden opportunity to start off your career overseas (Mid-career jump into an overseas firm is unlikely unless it’s ur company that sent u). Loan is possible but expensive (Especially USA, it is a fact that most graduates will have to spend a long time repaying their extremely costly school fees). Disgusting as it sounds, your best bet is to marry an exchange student that u meet at a local uni. To end off, I will just like to share from personal experience that when we graduate from A lvls, we will feel jaded, think the grass is greener on the other side. But the harsh reality is that big bosses and firms everywhere just want to look for workers. If u can accept that and be satisfied with ur daily bubble tea fix, life will be better.

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