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When they brand their headphones as "studio quality" That's called marketing.

Immediately wrong there, they could market them as anything and they'd be used for production and in studios. That's just what they are.

You've told me my build quality was crap.


Yours are plastic, mine are metal.

Congrats it weighs more, I didn't even say that anyway and in fact the part that connects your headphones to the strap is plastic, on AT it is metal.

You've said that surround sound was a gimmick, then try to defend stereo headphones by saying they are surround sound compatible.

Nope, said it's a gimmick but also said others can use it but don't bother.

How can you insist on your headphones when you've said yourself that you don't own them?

How can you defend yours if you don't own the AT either? I've used ATH M30X I have a strong idea of how they sound, I've used gaming headphones, I've used multiple other types, I don't need to own them to tell you.

The only stubborn ignorant idiot here is you.

Man you are a cunt fuck you.

It's very pathetic that the only argument you have for your headphones is the brand name. If Kingston doesn't know what they are doing, then why are their headphones so successful?

They aren't that fucking successful they have probably sold 0.0001% of what Audio Technica have sold you fucking idiot. What are you, do you have access to their bank accounts? Where is your proof they are successful exactly?

All this has come down to is you raging and calling me an idiot because you refuse to listen to valid reasoning and would rather listen to a company's marketing than any actual statistics.




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