Louisiana parish bans saggy pants; $50 fine for first offense

If your conclusion is that the US would be the same only worse (because of the added racial angle), then you'd be correct that there's a meaningful difference. If you're just going to pretend that nothing can ever be compared to anything else, that's stupid.

Well, this conversation was going well until you just totally misconstrued what I'm trying to say before calling it "stupid". Hoooo boy, let's see what the rest says...

As long as oppression gets perpetuated and certain groups are kept lower on the social ladder than others, yeah, that's going to be an issue.

That's why I've given up. People like you will always hang it over white people's heads. I believe at this point it's just not in humanity's mental wiring to get along. All I can do is try to treat people as I'd like to be treated and that's all anyone can do I suppose. All lives matter and if you have a problem with me saying and believing that, then the problem is yours and not mine.

Before you take the martyr complex any further - no, nobody is accusing you, personally, of being responsible for slavery. That would be ridiculous - but you do get to avoid the negative legacy of it, and avoid the discrimination associated with the following hundreds of years, which does benefit you.

So do you! Do you know any slaves? Have you ever been one? No? Congrats! You've successfully avoided the negative legacy of slavery.

(Also, "martyr complex"? Good god... shakes my head...)

If you want to pretend slavery has no meaningful effect on where everyone is in today's socio-economic ladder, the only person you're fooling is yourself.

No, we simply disagree and you're getting pissy over it. Really hoping this doesn't turn in to another stupid reddit insult fest because for a second there this was actually a pretty interesting and intelligent conversation.

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