LSD users of Reddit, what are your best and worst trips?

I used it twice, the first time (you could call this my Best trip actually) was great because I listened to soca music (Think caribbean EDM and reggae all mixed a sort) and i just felt euphoric. However the WORST trip, the one i want to tell you about, was when I did it with some people, a mix of acquaintances and friends. I wasn't the most comfortable around some of the people, but it was fine. We were in a pillow fort and all that jazz it was good. It went sour when they said we should walk through the cold to go to someone else's place; this person wanted to trip with them, but they didn't bring any for him... while he has some of his own friends and GF over. After about 30 mins of pleasantries, chat and what not, uncomfortable hit 12. (Yes,12. That is more than 11.)

I was staring at this mosaic drapery then something caught my eye. I turn to the side and see the host's GF with her jacket unbuttoned and pulled back, shirt pulled down to expose some cleavage, and some pushing up of the ta-tas. I was definitely seen seeing, and I definitely saw her see me, and i certainly saw her pull herself back together. She was trying to get us to leave but she was being really passive aggressive about it. She would say one thing, and I would interpret it another way, how i thought she really meant it. After that, it spread to everyone, I couldn't tell what people were meaning. I was trying to get the others to leave because I neither wanted to be there any more, nor thought we were welcome. They said, "just ride the trip and relax, he is a really cool dude." etc. All now, the host is waving around lights infront of our eyes... best light show sans awkwardness. I couldn't figure out if to enjoy, or flee.

Eventually, we got back to the first people's place, and the double meaning thing is still bugging me, even for simple stuff. I cant remember how it got to this topic but eventually the two most experience trippers were calming me down saying "hey, we are meaning what we are saying. Just come sit and relax, you can stay, but if you want to go home, we are going to walk with you to make sure you are okay", I flip flopped between if i should stay or should i go, trying to analyze their eyes, the direction they were looking at, if they were giving each other any looks, all kinda CSI shit to see if they were lying or being sincere. But eventually my fight or flight flew me into my bed.

TL;DR Best trip- I listened to the music of my people and had one of the most euphoric moments of my life, Worst Trip- I had a bad trip causing me to find hidden meanings in everything everyone had to say. Drove me insane and Anti-social. May have lost friends that night.

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