Lyft Says Owning a Second Vehicle is Too Costly and No Longer Necessary; "You know the average American household spends $9,000 per year per vehicle. But most people just think about their $200 car payment."

yes, you are giving an example, but for all the wrong reasons:

there is a public bus that can take you anywhere in the State


we at least have an alternative way to get around

mostly false, not viable in most rural areas, and even many suburban areas.

You don’t have to drive to the bus stop in Rhode Island

wicked false

There are bus stops along most of our roads, even in the rural towns

wicked wicked false

you absolutely can take the RIPTA from Burillville to Providence or even Narragansett if you wanted to

ok, true, but only because burrillville is located on a ripta line.

there are so many better examples for a public transportation system, but unfortunately none of those are in the US.

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