I’m a [23m] worried about growing old and not finding someone. Is it normal to worry like this? How old were each of you when you met your significant other? Am I doing something wrong?

When I was in university, pretty much everyone I knew (ages 19-23) was in a relationship. And they were almost all long-term relationships too. Maybe it's specific to the program I was in, because it really surprised me that it was even possible for such a high percentage of my classmates to be in long term (>2 year) relationships.

Now in my mid 20s, I don't talk to any of those people anymore, though I see on Facebook that they're all still together with their SOs from University. But the people I talk to nowadays (male ages 25-27) are almost all single. They were all in at least one long-term relationship between the ages of 16-24, but every single one of those relationships ended. About half of these guys aren't even interested in relationships because they're still bitter about bad ones they've had in the past.

What does this mean? Well, since pretty much everyone I know is single and in their mid to late 20s, I think it's very normal to not be in a relationship at age 23. Nobody I know is at all worried about being single. Most of them will probably meet someone within the next 3-5 years, and some of those relationships will last, and some of those will end.

But what's normal for me isn't normal for everyone. Though I haven't seen any engagement rings on Facebook yet, most of those couples I know from University live together and are in the process of buying houses or condos together. Actually, most of them lived together before we graduated and two couples bought homes together before they graduated (from bachelor's degrees). Their minds would probably be blown by the amount of single people that I know.

What does this mean for you, OP? Well, apparently university is some kind of highly successful dating service! (I'm only half-joking). But it also means that it's really normal to be single at your age even if it doesn't seem that way.

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