“I’m Loki, of Asgard and I’m burdened with glorious purpose.”

You type out a lot with very poor punctuation and no clearly delineated paragraphs when all you would have to do is provide a link to this article that states the director confirmed he is Genderfluid.

Like I said before, extranarrative means of confirming canonicity do exist, and this is one of them. I still worry that the director is misunderstanding what Genderfluid actually means, but even if she is he’s canonically Genderfluid anyway, as the word of the author of a work is law when it comes to what is canon in that work, be it a part of the work itself or not.

you're basically saying that Loki is canonical male because you believe their genderfluidity isn't showing enough for evidence and my words are just based on context and 'headcanons' alone,correct or am I not?

No, this isn’t correct at all. Without the context of the article I linked we can only establish two things as canon based simply on watching the show, namely that Loki is capable of changing sex, and that Loki is bisexual according to at least some definitions of the word. I never once stated that I believe he is “canonically male”, and I worry that you don’t actually know the difference between gender and sex if you think I was trying to say that.

even so context IS another way to inform something about a character without the author's way of forcing it or simply saying the character is bisexual or something but for the audience or reader to infer and guess on their own.

Works of fictions are narratives, and so there is an important distinction when it comes to canonicity between things that are shown, stated and inferred. If they showed Loki changing sex it is different narratively than simply stating he’s capable of it, and it’s different than inferring it.

An excellent example is Ego. Ego says to Quill that he is a Celestial. To the best of our knowledge he is canonically a celestial. However they could easily establish that he was never actually a celestial and he was either lying to Quill or simply mistaken himself, and while it would be a narrative retcon it wouldn’t actually contradict anything we’ve seen on screen because it was only ever inferred that he was telling the truth. However if we had been shown other celestials confirming that he is a celestial, only for it to be deconfirmed later, it would need to be established that he somehow fooled the other celestials in order to not break continuity.

In a completed work of fiction this sort of mental flexibility is less necessary, as one need not worry that further works will change the context of what we already know, but in an ongoing series, we can only know what appears to be true as of this moment, and so it’s dangerous to assume canonicity for things that you just think are true because of vague hints, as then later on those things might be shown to be false, and it will break your sense of immersion despite the story never telling you it was true in the first place.

It keeps up guessing and excited in a way if Marvel and or Disney is gonna actually show more of it instead of hidden easter eggs and peaks here and there about Loki's identity.

Honestly I don’t want them exploring this in the MCU. I don’t mind the concept of, say, a trans character in the MCU, but narratively speaking it isn’t really the type of character they normally feature and it would either be very different thematically than the rest of the MCU and difficult to fit in, or they would just butcher it. In the comics they can draw a version of Loki that is female but still looks like Loki, but in the MCU they would need to hire another actress, and she wouldn’t look physically enough like Tom Hiddleston not to look like another person. I feel like the best way to effectively make a story like that work visually would be to have two identical twins, one of whom is trans and transitioned and passes, so as to allow for the two characters to visually look like the same character changing sexes, instead of just looking like Loki is changing into a random woman that vaguely looks like him and has his style.

And the reason I’m responding to you with all of this isn’t that I’m angry, it’s that I want to stem the flow of misinformation about sex and gender, as well as the MCU as I’m a big fan, as it is very personal to me for a few reasons.

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