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That has never happened outside of your imagination.



And the category of "not okay" speech you described would wind up being more restrictive than most countries already have, or at least no better.

In response to

Why would it be impossible for it to be less restrictive?

You redacted with:

Because that would imply permitting a huge amount of fraud and slander that is currently dealt with through regulations.

I responded with:

Why would it be impossible for it to permit a small amount?

You redacted with:

So, small amounts of fraud are acceptable then?

For some reason you were playing like you can only move one way along the spectrum, and that any movement in the other direction would be a sharp one, right to the end.

Look at the entire history of those things existing in society beforehand for examples.

Perhaps you could show me an example of a society blowing up because people were allowed to sell themselves into slavery.

You create a situation with violation of individual rights that are unacceptable to any group of people and those things become banned, or that society disintegrates.

or they could actually help these people by giving them a better option than selling themselves? rather than taking away what they feel is their best option.

Because it's still slavery. Pretending that you can make up a category of "voluntary slavery" that's morally acceptable is your own fantasy.

Fantasy? Are you one of these folk who thinks morality isn't just their personal taste? It's not math. I'm not saying 1+1 = 5.

When is slavery ever talked about in a voluntary sense? It's not. We're always talking about people who were kidnapped and threatened into submission. Call it something other than voluntary, if you like, but at least make the distinction? Anything else would be dishonest...

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