Majority of Germans want Turkey kicked out of NATO: survey

My husband was in pilot training at ENJJPT .... it's the only multinational manned training wing for combat pilots. We had all NATO countries send over students for pilot training separated into 8 classes a year; each class had anywhere from 20-30 students. It was a giant family .... students and instructors, everyone got along and became close. However, more than once throughout the years, the Turkish students would have to be sent back due to stuff going on in their country (political unrest, riots, military coups, etc); I believe in 2016, they just didnt send them at all.

I guess my story's countribution to this is that it amazes me how in such a small setting as ENJJPT, you forget that there's a bigger picture out there. To see German and Turkish students and wives interact, you forget there's political and cultural divides on a larger scale. My kumbaya moment? The world should be like ENJJPT!

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