I have so many questions that Christians don’t have good answers to.

Fwah. That’s a lot of questions. First of all, I’m not an old-timer catholic who knows his faith inside out. I’m still a catechumen, and is halfway through my RCIA journey. I have been doing a lot of reading and am still trying to understand the faith. I’m gonna try to answer your question one at a time. Probably.

Why do hell exist?

God created existence and gave us love. God gave us free will. Free will is love. Hell is a place you go to when you choose to not be with him, simply putting. If you are definitely gonna go to heaven, then where can we put our free will? Since every decision you make, good or bad, will still land you in heaven?

Sometimes, we based our idea of hell off games and media. But hell is simply a place or state devoid of God, and all things good that he represents. It is a place without hope, love, salvation, time, space, light, and so much more.

I’m open to discussion and will be monitoring this thread. I would really like to know your questions cause I might question them myself one day. It’d be nice to have someone I can figure out this thing with.

Anyways you should check out ascension presents, Father Mike Schmitz videos. Very cool. Hahaha cheers

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