US Marine Corps testing the Nikola Motor UTV

I was Security Forces in the USAF during the Iraq War (2006-2007) and we used ATV's and Humvee's to patrol within our Forward Operating Base (FOB), along with patrolling an area 5Km outside our base to scout for enemy IED's or mortar teams.

I can easily see an electric ATV being used to patrol within Air Force bases since we have an abundance of power on tap, and can charge the vehicles in rotation. As EV tech progresses I can see the Air Force using electric armored vehicles to patrol outside of their bases as they too can be recharged within the base in rotation.

I would have loved to roll out in an armored EV patrol (3-4 vehicles usually) and have that instant torque and high speed on tap to chase down bad guys.

Our mechanics would love them to since EV maintenance is far easier than ICE maintenance.

All in all just a better, easier vehicle to maintain and deploy with for base defense, and I can easily see these being used 10 years from now for urban assault since the lack of engine noise would make for deadly as fuck ambushes during night operations.

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