Marvel-Netflix’s Jessica Jones Admits to Discrimination Against Men in Director Search. Didn’t even give male directors a chance to be a part of the second season

What's dumb is it's always been normal to me, and a lot of people. But these people just keep shoving it down our throats. And at this point, now I see these things and I'm like... is it because of gender?

Yea man, Amen. I'm over 30 and my whole life I've been told how awesome, capable, strong, etc women are. I had sexual harassment education in my elementary school in fucking 4th grade we boys were taken aside and told how toxic we were.

My mother read no-debunked articles in Scientific American and told me and my brother that "women are naturally better at math and science".

Shit like that.

The year I was born is after the year in which enrollment at University was gender balanced 50-50 (and in the last 15 years it's swung heavily in favor of women).

I've worked for 10 years in a career which is heavily dominated by women who just don't have to be good at what they do. They just have to be a woman. Men in my field are at a severe disadvantage. We earn less and we work harder doing the physically strenuous parts of the job that women wont do and we can't get hired at high-end locations.

I have never lived in this world that feminists speak of.

My mother has, I'll say that. I know that she has had to deal with some shit. But I have never lived in that world.

My wife is super smart; she deserves everything she's worked towards and hasn't received anything just because of her gender. I'm not just saying that, I wouldn't be with her otherwise. But I looked at her peers in her graduate program and it was just so obvious the school was trying to get female STEM students. Almost all of them were not qualified to be there. I guarantee you some very hard working and talented male students were passed up for that.

It sucks but things've swung so far in the other direction that now, sometimes just a little bit, in certain situations despite myself, I prejudge that a woman isn't qualified to be in her position until I see otherwise.

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