It may not seem like much, but for someone who has always been a masher, its cool to see myself progressing...

I'm copy/pasting this response from another thread. You're a new player so it's applicable. I'm just here to provide some resources. You might like to look at them!

I have four links that I often provide to new players. They have all of the information you will ever need to go from being completely new to being a seasoned veteran. Any questions you have will be answered if you search through these links. They're like a miniture library of answers so long as you have the patience to sift through them.

  • The first link is a rather lengthy and extensive .pdf manual that helps bring you from A to Z when it comes to playing fighting games, specifically Street Fighter, and basically covers everything. It's a long read but worth your time.

  • The second link has a bunch of articles (and one video) that cover a ton of metagame concepts and fundamental mechanics of Street Fighter. If you read any of the articles, you absolutely need to read the Footsies Handbook as well as watch the Footsies Video. They're both lengthier items, but they're incredibly important for you to understand "how" to play. All of the other links are excellent as well.

  • The third link contains a lot of articles that help you maximize the efficiency of your time spent in training mode! They go over a lot of concepts that will help you learn faster and level up faster and overall improve faster when you decide to train. Very critical to progressing quickly as a new player!

  • Finally, the forth link is a great writeup by resident /r/StreetFighter participant /u/Joe_Munday that helps explain the mental breakdown that happens when you experience an extremely bitter loss, which can prevent you from taking lessons away from the match. You always want to learn from every match, and if you are extremely upset (salty) from losing, it will impede your ability to learn! This link goes into great depth on the subject and it's a great read to understand some of the mental aspects behind Street Fighter.

  1. Fighting Game Primer

  2. Articles on Concepts and Fundamentals

  3. Improving Your Training Efficiency

  4. "Losing To Yourself" by Joe Munday

I also run a group called SF4 Chat that is dedicated to creating a hub for players in the group's chat so you don't have to add every player you come across just to talk to them! Feel free to join and ask any questions you have. You can also add me on Steam (mouse over the icon next to my name at the top of this post) and ask me any questions you have as well, I'm always happy to help new players!

Good luck! Welcome to objectively the best fighting game series in existence! ;3

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