Me (18F) and my dad (50M) don’t see eye to eye on college

I think you would benefit from going to school undecided and working with whichever school you're at to determine a major. There is enormous pressure on high schoolers to make these big career decisions, but you really do have time to decide.

Universities are supposed to have resources to help students make a decision on majors and career paths. While I understand that not all universities invest enough in student affairs, look into these resources at your school. If you begin as a nursing major and then switch to history, you may miss out on internships and networking opportunities available to many history majors.

I was a history major and I work in student affairs, and I regularly see great students who are pushed towards one career field by their parents, but they are passionate about another. It is very common, and a university will best be able to help you navigate this decision.

In addition, there are things you can do with a history degree and an interest in education that I didn't know existed before going to college. Talk to your university about all of these options - you may be surprised at how many options there are.

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