Me [26 F] with my [28 M] BF of almost a year, possible engagement soon, need advice on how much passion is really necessary for a successful marriage

Honestly this guy sounds perfect! Are you sure you're not mistaking butterflies with the nervousness of not being sure of the guy?

He's hard-working, owns his own business, is the most genuinely kind and caring man I've ever met, and handsome. I trust him 100% and he is consistent and reliable--if I ever have a problem, I can always count on him to make me a priority and help.

He is very much what I imagine to be very good marriage/father material. My parents and friends adore him. He is always respectful and wonderful to them. His family is amazing and I love them and they love me back.

Sex is really meh. When I've pointed out how we can improve, he's willing and eager to do so.

This sounds like something to look forward to.

For reference, I'm also in a committed relationship with a great guy. Like you I've never really felt extreme sparks or butterflies. What I did feel is deep happiness. Not the excitement of a roller coaster but the happiness of coming home after a long time travelling.

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