Me [28 M/] breaking it off with girl married[45 F] two-fold advice

Here's my two cents. I won't lay into you about being a shitbag for dating married women because Reddit's already done that for me and I get that you didn't know about any of this. First of all, you are the common denominator here, whether you like it or not. Also, stop saying shit like "Now I don't trust any woman. WAHHHHHHHH". Jesus, everytime I hear something like that I can't read anymore. You're basically taking whatever the hell will go home with you which happens to be attached women.

No no no no. First of all I don't just take "whoever will go home with me" at a bar. If I'm talking to a chick at a bar and I think she's attractive and cool, then MAYBE we will have sex. Doesn't everybody do that? Christ.

Three girls in the last YEAR AND A HALF. Not three girls in the last fucking month.

I swear, it's like the default of everybody on this thread is that I go to bars every weekend, fuck anybody I see, and they're all married.

The girl before this one I met on Tinder and hung out with her a few times before we had sex and it turns out she had a long-time boyfriend I didn't know about it.

This girl came on to me, I thought she was pretty and smart, we had sex, the next day she tells me she's in the middle of a divorce so didn't think of mentioning it then today she says "we talked about it once, but haven't done anything about it."

That's far from going out and fucking any woman I see at a bar. Jesus fucking Christ I'm going to give up on this thread.

Not only that, I'm not going "Now I don't trust any women WAAAHHH."

How am I whining when I say simply point out that the emotionless disregard these women have displayed by lying to both me and their significant others has put quite a lot of doubt in my mind toward women in general?

I demonstrated in another thread how this seems to be happening to many of my friends as well (girl fucked my friend, didn't tell him she was engaged to get married in two days, another friend slept with a girl for three days straight and she only told him she had a boyfriend later, another friend of mine slept with a girl who left the next morning like everything was fine only to text her and get a "who is this" from her HUSBAND).

Seriously though, stop doing the whole "where are all of the women who aren't needy, cray cray, complicated, bored" and whatever else you said. It's INCREDIBLY obnoxious

You're incredibly obnoxious considering you started off your comment saying you weren't going to lay into me, then did JUST that, and didn't even actually provide a shred of advice on alternate places or ideas to meet women who - I don't know - are less likely to cheat or have way too much time on their hands.

I asked that advice as someone who doesn't get to be social in my every day life due to the type of job I have.

Instead of being an asshole you could have just provided some input like some other people on this thread.

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