Is Homosexuality ethically wrong?

No, there are not multiple canons of the Bible. There are 66 books which are shared by all Christians (you know those people who believe in the teachings of Christ and in Christian doctrine, not just people who pay lip service to the word so they can appropriate something that doesn't apply to them), and then there are some apocryphal books that are apocryphal to the Hebrew Scriptures that some 'christians' may or may not use. The Catholics have some they view as canonical, the Eastern Orthodox have those and a few more, and the Ethiopians have the most, an 81 book Bible.

Interestingly, they all also condemn homosexuality. In fact, men and women are segregated in Ethiopian Orthodox church services and women must cover their heads and remain silent. Traditionally that is the case with the Eastern Orthodox and was the case in the Catholic Church and still is in some Rites and in some traditionalist parishes also.

You can add all the books you want. Just because you added 1 Macabbees doesn't mean that all of a sudden Paul's decree that women remain silent is all of a sudden moot. Where would you get that from? Those Apocryphal books do not add to or take away the doctrines of the churches that employ them. If you took the Apocrypha away from the New American Bible, a Catholic Bible, it wouldn't take away a single Scriptural citation for Catholic doctrine. The Apocrypha is interpreted to reinforce doctrines like some of their Marian theology and their ideas on Purgatory, but those doctrines are not sourced from those books exclusively and so no doctrine of any of those churches hinges on the presence of those books. You can add however many books you want. Romans 1 still condemns homosexuality and anyone who disagrees with that condemnation is not a Christian pure and simple.

I'm not standing between you and Christ, you are standing between you and Chrsit. You hate Christ's message and don't want to hear his Word. You want to hear your goofy tie-die marshmallow "God loves everyone" garbage. You've never flipped enough pages in the Bible apparently to encounter the standards of God, His Wrath, His Fury and Anger and Hatred of unrepentant sinners and the workers of iniquity. You just sit in a pew and listen to some mushy sermonizing from some New Age goon every Sunday to feel good about yourself.

I know everything there is to know about your "church" because only the most half-witted, lying, crap-shoot of a church could produce a lukewarm, mediocre cry baby like you. You're thin-skinned when it comes to your eternal salvation and you've never read the Bible outside the Beatitudes and other things that when read without the full context of all the attributes of God, including His rather unpleasant ones for the reprobate, can make it seem as though the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is some gushy marshmallow God.

And I don't care if you report me or not. This isn't a Christian forum. This is just a bunch of liars who twist plain words of truth and doctrine to fill their empty lives before they kick the bucket and descend into eternal damnation.

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