[Serious] ex-atheists of reddit, what changed your mind?

Hello, Im new on reddit, this will be the first post I write a comment in. In fact this post impulsed me to create an account and share my personal thoughts on this matter, mainly lately Ive been feeling the need to do so. Getting back on line... I grew in divided family, religiously, my mom is jewish and my dad a catholic born agnostic. I was raised without a religious education. To this date I havent met the majority of my jewish family simply because thats the way they want it; my mom was expelled from the community at the moment she married my dad. Consecuently I grew up with an irracional hate towards the jewish people in general. I decided there couldnt be a god capable of doing that to a person (ripping her entire family apart and leaving her unprotected and hated by the very people she loved the most), and if he actually existed, he would be evil and injust and definitely not worth worshiping or even believing in. I hated religion, church and pretty much any spiritual belief.

Some time ago, not too long ago Im ashamed, I realised I didnt only hate religion itslef, I hated all religious people and since I live in a city with a population of catholics of 90%, I pretty much hated everyone and everything. I wasnt living a happy life. After reading some books, listeting to some very intelligent people, I didnt feel any change. However what did helped me was the support if my family and loved ones, and also some basic concepts from different beliefs, cristian, buddist and even jewish. Ive learned that true hapiness relies on the people around and more specially on how you feel about them and treat them and not the other way around, like it is more commonly thought. The reality is that the world can be constantly giving you, and the ones around you, bullshit, but it is how you react to that bullshit what is going to give you peace, or anger and frustration, depending on your reaction. And religion is a really good guide to lead to that goal, which is getting trough adversity. Being positive, grateful, compasionate to people in general, and getting all the support you can get from your family and loved ones, plus a small symbolic support (you can call this God if you want), will absolutely make you a happier and better person, morally. By the way Im still working on it, its not easy at all, but Im feeling a lot of progress. Thank you reading. Please reply your thoughts!

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