Me [37 M] with my ex-girlfriend[35 F] have an unexpected baby on the way

I’m just chiming in here for some clarification - I love learning more about how the whole reproductive process works and what you are saying is slightly different from what I always understood. I was under the impression that one of the ways you could tell implantation bleeding from your period was that it comes a bit earlier than you would expect a period to come (around a week before) and that it’s also typically just spotting, not a full-fledged period. I know this varies from woman to woman (and some lucky women just have spotting all the time during their periods!) but her having bleeding a week (rather than 2 weeks) after they had sex seems about right, but her having a “normal period” seems a bit less likely, unless she’s one of the lucky few who normally has insanely light periods. Is my understanding just slightly off?

I agree on the timing of the pregnancy test though - it seems crazy to me that she would even try to take one within a week of having an unprotected sexual encounter. There is no universe where that would ever appear as a positive, and all of the boxes warn you of this fact very clearly.

This woman seems to have been obsessive about not getting pregnant - Plan B + immediate pregnancy test + having an IUD on top of all of that would make the chances of her actually being pregnant astronomically low. I feel that something doesn’t add up here.

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