Me (M26) and my lady (F24) just tried to have penetrative sex for the first time and it ended horribly

She started getting way frustrated again cause “any other guy would’ve figure it out"

I've been with 3 virgins in my life and none of them "figured it out" because it's scary and frustrating and confusing for a first-timer.

I didn't freak out on them for not knowing what to do, I gently guided them to what did and did not feel good. I get that this was your girlfriends first time, too. But the way she acted towards you is inexcusable. Your girlfriend sounds judgmental and awful towards you, especially considering it was the BOTH of you losing your virginity.

I think what I need are tips to figuring this whole sex thing out but I’m here to ask you guys… was my crying wrong?

No. That would have put a stop on trying sex for the night, but the way she reacted to you crying just shows she doesn't have your best interests at heart. If someone I was trying to have sex with started crying I would immediately stop everything and try to fix whatever was making them upset. I wouldn't scream at them or judge them for it.

That being said, sex in water just doesn't work 99% of the time, and can be a bit dangerous when it comes to getting in and out of the tub. I'd recommend a good lube, a comfy bed, and a different partner... because it sounds like you deserve better.

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