Men of reddit: How many of you have ever been sexually harrassed/ assaulted by a woman? What happened and how did you feel about it?

A little backstory: I used to date a woman who was very pushy when it came to sex, if I wasn't interested she would try to guilt me, ect... and just made me uncomfortable in general. Eventually we break up and I start seeing someone new, I explained to her how my last partner made me uncomfortable and everything seemed fine at the time. We held off on having sex until I was comfortable and she seemed fairly respectful of my boundaries. As things progressed there were a few instances that made me uncomfortable, we talked about it and she was very apologetic and once again things seemed fine for the time being.

Fast forward about a year or so and one night while I'm playing videogames my partner tells me that I should stop and we should fuck. I kinda brushed her statement off as I was completely not in the mood and tired from driving (we had just returned from a roadtrip). She kept pestering me so I told her more directly that I wasn't interested. After about 15 minutes of this she decided to just start kissing my neck/make out with me to get me in the mood I guess and I kinda froze up, she started rubbing my body and as she felt my genitals she stops and remarks that I don't seem very into it. I told her that I wasn't at all and expected that to be the end of it. Her response was to get completely naked and sit on my face, at this point I was in shock and just allowed what followed to happen.

My feelings are pretty much what you would expect, shattered trust, feeling ashamed I let it happen, disgust, anger, depression

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