[Meta] I'm leaving the mod team

He argues when the complaints he gets seems unwarranted according to him (feels like I need keywords here, since you seem to totally misinterpret what I'm saying). I also said a hell of a lot more than...

"It's not like he's a trolling brat down to the core or something along those lines."

...but hey just take out the part you disliked and is the easiest to bash at of what I said to make your "point". I didn't once say that I admire nor encourage the way he acts, but that he at least has explanations to why he does, and that it should be our principle as a community to at least check those out or make an effort to understand them before we brainlessly bash him. He's a journalist with a damn good record that's not afraid to stand up to haters, and I agree, the way he handles it can be really distasteful at times. Even "toxic" if you may. But the good he does for the industry and e-sports journalism outweighs this by far in my opinion (you are warranted to have your own opinion, of course, friendly discussion and the exchanging of said opinions is what Reddit is all about anyway.)

At the end of the day Richard Lewis is a person. Just like you. Just like me. Except that he has to deal with a lot more hate than you and I combined, and despite of that is apparently upheld to some higher standards. I surely can't blame him for snapping at times, heck, I have no idea how long I would last under the pressure he's under, not being able to open his goddamn mouth without getting slander thrown his way. Whether that is well deserved or not is debatable, but I don't think it's up to either you or me to decide.

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