Mike Quinsey 3/17/2017: It is only in recent times that some of you have started to remember your true selves, and have developed an expanding consciousness. It is precisely for this reason that you are amongst souls at all different levels awareness.

There's a lot of confusion and sensory overload about it.

Some see the Ascension as leaving this planet and entering into a fifth dimensional alternate parallel reality

Some say we would enter into alternate timelines. Some would go into the alternate 5th dimensional timeline and the others would stay on their respective timelines and finish their lessons of karma or other lessons (especially the highly negative service to self beings)

Some say there's a flash of light and we all leave the earth.

I mean there's so many theories and ideas floating around I can see how it can be confusing.

I personally believe it would be some kind of time line or archons and other negative influence upon mankind would be removed and we wouldn't suffer the negative inclinations that have plagued us and pushed us towards death, Wars, greed, etc.

I can never say for sure and will never make 100% calls but I am excited and thankful to be here during these times and learn these things and advance myself and help others as much as I can.

Truly thankful. This reality can be heavy and dark sometimes but it just makes the light so much more satisfying

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